Bedding Sifter Cost/Saving Analysis

Featured below is a cost benefit analysis of using the Brockwood Stall Shi*fter, the leading automatic manure and bedding sifter, as compared to cleaning a stall with a standard manure fork. The table below shows the daily cost of stall cleaning using the manual method of manure removal and the automatic stall cleaning method with a manure and bedding sifter.

Over 10 years of customer responses show that on average it takes about 15 minutes for an experienced stall cleaner to sufficiently hand pick a 10 x 12 stall bedded about 3 inches deep with saw chips or medium to small shavings. It also takes about 1/2 bale of shavings to replenish the urine soaked shavings and the shavings that get thrown out with the manure.

An automatic manure and bedding sifter greatly reduces the time required to clean the stall as well as the amount of bedding needed to replenish that which was thrown away in the process. Our automatic manure and bedding sifter can reduce the cost of cleaning a stall by $2.50 per day as shown below. Savings are based on labor cost of $7.50/hour and bedding cost of $5.00/bale  Times to clean and bedding usage based on customer responses .

Manual Picking vs. Automatic Manure and Bedding Sifter

Single stall
Time to clean 15 minutes 5 minutes 10 minutes
Daily shavings use ½ bale ¼ bale ¼ bale
Daily Labor cost $1.88 $0.63 $1.25
Daily Shaving cost $2.25 $1.125 $1.25

Daily Savings per Stall is $2.50
Daily savings in a 10 stall stable is $25.00
Annual savings in a 10 stall stable is $9,125.00

The conclusion of stable managers who changed from manual to automatic sifting is unanimous. None would give up their automatic manure and bedding sifter. The main objection of stable owners to making the change is the up-front investment. The key word here is investment. In a ten-stall stable it can take just a few months for the investment to be recovered. In a 10 stall facility the Stall Shi*fter can return your up front investment several times over.

Manure and bedding Sifter stall cleaning machine

Brockwood Stall Shi*fter the worlds leading manure and bedding sifter

  • Frame construction: 14 ga steel tube, powder coated baked enamle finish
  • Rear Wheels: 20 inch semi pnumatic rubber tires, Nickle plated rims w/wire spokes, 1/2 in sealed bearing hubs.
  • Front Wheels: 12 inch semi pnumatic rubber tires, Nickle plated rims w/wire spokes, 1/2 in sealed bearing hubs.
  • Motor compartment: 1/2″ oak panels w/ 1.5″ solid hardwood sides and supports. Banner Red exterior acrylic enamel, 2 coats.
  • Screen frame: 1/2″ oak side panels w/ 1.5″ solid hardwood front. Banner Red exterior acrylic enamel, 2 coats.
  • Screen material: 16 ga, 1/2 inch flattened expanded metal w/ baked enamel finish
  • Motor: Leeson,120 VAC, 1/3 hp, industrial grade, totally enclosed fan cooled, dust free motor.
  • Drive assembly: Specially designed belt driven crank shaft w/heavy duty mount and sealed main bearings.
  • Connecting Rod: Heavy duty 3/8″ tie rod ends, NASCAR approved, high grade steel on steel Hime joints.
  • Electrical: Comes with 25 foot extension cord and dust proof lighted push button on/off switch.
  • Handle: 1/4″ solid steel extenders w/foam padded hand piece with naugahyde cover.
  • Options: special screens available for sifting specialty materials.
  • 3 year warranty on parts and labor

$2249.00 Plus Shipping*

*Machines shipping to countries with 50 Hz, 230V power standards are $2449.00 because of the special order 1/3 Hp motor and non-standard wiring and mounting required. These countries include most far eastern and European countries as well as some South American countries.

After you have viewed the video and read all about the Stall Shi*fter on our pages here, it is our hope that you will have a pretty good idea of whether or not a Stall Shi*fter will work for your operation. We further hope that you will pick up the phone and call us to place an order for the machine that best suits your needs.