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  • “We at Horses for a Change wanted to let you know how much we love our Brockwood Stall Shifter. It has saved us so much time and hard labor, we can't tell you. it's been especially wonderful for the crew that does night check because they don't have to do much picking up of stalls in the evening. We also wanted to thank you for your donation of a 10% discount, a value of $224.90on on our Shifter, which was delivered in October of 2018.”

  • “I just had to write to let you know how excited and happy I am to now own the Brockwood stall shifter. I have had it in my barn for now two weeks and what a timesaver it is. I am a small nine horse boarding facility, whose stalls I clean daily. This machine has helped me to clean all the stalls in one hour and ten minutes from 2 1/2 hours when I did it by hand. Not only am I happy with that, the results of fresh looking stalls and reusable bedding is a cost saver as well. I plan on sharing your invention with other barn owners who I know would enjoy the benefits of this machine.” Thanks again, Sandy Shudy Lagrange, Ohio

  • “Purchased spring 2002, used daily in a 10 stall barn ever since. Recently replaced some bearings and screen with your prompt delivery, better than new for the cost of a pickup full of sawdust. I was lost for the couple days it took for parts delivery, am treating a mare every two hours, there is no way I could keep her stall as clean as she’s used to, despite devoting quadruple the time it took when using the shifter.  Stalls have rubber mats over stone dust, stripped daily and processed through the shifter, treat the wet spots with micro-organisms that eat urine and cover with stall dry agent. Keeps things clean, smelling good and cuts way down on flies. I’ve seen the competition, it’s not even close. This thing paid for itself years ago. I live at intersection of I81-I78 in central PA, would be happy to demonstrate to anyone how valuable this product is.” Sincerely, Tim Miller

  • Hello Mr. Hopkins, The Stall Shifter has arrived safe and sound. We used it for the first time – very cool! We were fighting over who gets to use it first! It appears that you spent a great deal of time and thought on it. I’m sure our stall cleaning-related aches and pains will cease to exist before long. Thanks again. I’ll be showing the Shifter to my friends… Best regards, Shari P.S. I’ve included a sample of my art. The Stall Shifter will be a great help in preventing stiffness in my hands so I can paint comfortably.

  • My Brother-In-Law came over today and put my stall shifter together for me, it did not take him long at all to put it together ….I cleaned 3 of my stalls completely I removed the wet spots and everything else went through the stall shifter….it really does get all of the poop out……today would have been the day that I would have totally removed all the shavings and put all new shavings in… more of that ………those stalls are poop free. All those little pieces of poop that would have prompted me to remove everything and start over are in the past. Well I will have an audience in the morning…my farrier will be here to trim my horses tootsies, he drove in from Lafayette with a few of his friends to check out the stall shifter……I cleaned all of my stalls in no time at all…..I thought I would save the goats stall for my audience in the morning……I will let you know how it goes. Also my elbows never bothered me today……many, many thanks Harry. Brenda L. Argiz

  • The Stall Shi*fter is working really good, I love it. It was so easy to do my chores today. My girlfriend is coming over to look at it and hopefully you will get  another sale. My shavings worked out a lot better than I thought they would, very  few went into the bucket. Thanks again, Bonnie

  • Hi Harry, Just so you know, the stall shi*fter arrived safe and sound. Put it together that night and tried it out. Love it! It’s so nice to see how clean things are after you’re done with a stall. Now a (nasty) job actually feels so much more rewarding.  So far the stall shi*fter has saved me at least half an hour a day. That will increase as more horses are being added and my bedding type is completely converted. Some horses are just so clean, there is no need to use the machine, but it’s the ones that are like egg beaters in their stalls where it makes the biggest difference. I also found that the best bedding to use is the pellets. So, I’m fine tuning the bedding and my routine and it’s making a big difference. Overall, I think the unit is a wonderful idea and a very worthwhile investment! Thank you! Ronaye

  • Will love sharing my experience with others. I have always been a fastidious stall cleaner (suffice to say my stalls are cleaner than my kitchen) so did not expect significant savings except time but I am quite impressed by how nice the stalls look using the shifter. My husband will spend all day trying to find a mechanized way to do something that would take only a short time so he is also impressed. I wanted you to know that the boys easily adjusted to the stall shifter in the stall but of course I must keep it to one side. Best investment I have made in some time. Janet Hampstead, NH

  • Got the stall shi*fter and got it together yesterday. Used it for the first time today. Most of the shavings went thru. Of course as I figured the larger pieces didn’t. I am going to be getting the other bedding but I wanted to try it for now. It worked fairly well. I was wondering on one question…HAY…what do you recommend for the fastest way? Do I pick all that out of the stall first? I have one horse that eats and walks and he manages to get hay all over his stall no matter what I do. Of course the hay blocks the shavings from going down the grate. But even with just working it out. We only had one wheel barrel load of manure vs at least two on other days. Anyway, the one speed works great and I think it is fast enough to do the job. Anyway, I have told a lot of people about this and I hope to demonstrate it next week to my daughter so she can tell her boss about it. They do about 20 stalls….or more. Just wanted to let you know I got it and that it worked pretty good for the first day and not knowing what we were doing hahaha Connie

  • Got the stall shifter yesterday. Great packing job and easy to follow directions it took me about an hour to put together. But let me tell you something. My wife and I went back and forth on this thing because of the price but we should have bought it before we built the new barn. It not only saves time and shavings but it makes the stalls look great and I mean awsome. Everyone in my 26 stall barn is amazed. Thank you ever so much for making or life’s a whole lot easier. Thanks Again Tom &Linda Freeman Grand Paradise Ranch

  • I just want to let you know, I am very happy with your stall shifter. If you need good word in French for your product, let me know Have a nice day, Stéphane Bégin President:

  • The stall shifter arrived tonight. We put it together in the living room while we watched tv and then wheeled it out to the barn and tried it on my worst stall. I LOVE it. It took us a minute to find the best spot to set it up since the stall is fairly uneven. But it worked great and my stall looks wonderful! Thank you so much Kristin

  • the stall shifter works really well. I find that my wheel barrow is a bit fuller now that I’m using the stall shifter, less bedding but more manure as it does a more complete job of separating the waste from the bedding. I find that the stall bedding is more fluffed up which provides better insulation for the horses this winter. I use the Guardian pellet bedding. No matter how much I water it down there are always some pellets that take a few days to break down, so after adding new bedding I usually pick out the solid material by hand for a day or so, so as not to loose too much new bedding, but this is what I expected. I try and keep the new bedding away from the sides of the stall so that the horses are more apt to step on it and break it down quicker. I can now do all my stalls, more thoroughly without any pain in my shoulder or elbow. This is the primary reason I bought the unit. It’s tough to get old! I’d be glad to show the unit to anyone that would want to see it in action. Sincerely, Matt Yeager

  • I am thrilled with the Stall Shi*fter. It has made cleaning stalls much easier and much less stressful on my hands and arms. It also keeps the stalls cleaner and makes the bedding last longer. It has cut our cleaning time quite a bit, but still takes a little longer than I had hoped when I purchased the machine – perhaps I am using more bedding than needed. Of course, we never use it with the horse in the stall, but the horses in adjoining stalls have no fear or reaction to the machine. In any event, I am very happy with the “Shifter” and would recommend it to anyone wanting to improve their stall cleaning. UPS delivered on time, but the box was damaged – it had a large hole in it. However, I do have a dog famous for “eating” boxes delivered by UPS, and I was not home when it was delivered, so I can’t be sure what the cause of the damage was. Finally, I was extremely impressed with the personal attention you give your customers. You are so helpful and informative and easy to work with. That is something that is often missing and that I greatly appreciate. Thanks again. Stephanie

  • I have been using your stall shi*fter for a few years now, and it is still working like it is new. We have had lots of bad weather, and have been very hard on the sifter, but it is still like I just bought it. I am still very happy with it. I told you at one time I would be happy to demonstrate it to anyone who was interested, and was near Columbus Ohio. The only thing that has changed is my phone number. I am now at 614-863-0724. My offer still stands about giving demonstrations. Only the demonstrations will be done on a machine, that is not new. That is even better. Still works as well as the day I bought it. Thanks again, Michele Travis Columbus, Ohio

  • thanks for the e mail. I have used the machine for the first time today to do 14 of the stalls. it seems to be taking out a lot of bedding, but the bedding left behind is really clean and fluffy so not really a problem. it will be interesting to see how different it is doing the same ones tomorrow. we are experimenting with angles and heights for the machine, to see if we can raise the whole thing up and that would let one of our large wheelbarrows push straight in underneath it. our first impression is very good and I feel that it will get better each time we use it and figure out the best way to work each stable. will let you know results in a couple of weeks. best wishes for Christmas and new year. Lynn Williams (follow up) have used it for three weeks now and it is going great. not sure how much bedding it will save but about a half we think. the beds look really good so very pleased Lynn

  • I bought a stall shifter from you in the late Fall and I love it. I don’t know how many people use peat moss and your machine, but I thought I would pass along a trick I learned. We have had a lot of fog and damp weather over the past few weeks. Peat Moss gets a bit sticky in the wet weather and our cleaning really slowed down. I sprayed the screen down with Show Sheen a few minutes before I used it and I was back to the speed I had before the wet weather set in. Thanks to the Stall Shifter our stalls are always nice and fluffy. Regards, Ellen Redden

  • Six years ago I had carpal tunnel operations on both hands. I had tennis elbow for about 15 years and got a cortisone shot for that. All was well until three months ago when one of our horses pulled some ligaments and required 24/7 stall rest. He had always been left out but now I was faced with daily cleaning of 4 stalls; his and his three gelding buddies. My elbow, right hand, right arm, neck and shoulders started getting really angry with me! It continued to get worse and nothing I did helped. I was having trouble sleeping and then I saw your small ad in Horse Illustrated. When I called you I learned that you developed the Stall Shi*fter because you had similar problems with tennis elbow caused by the palms down labor of shaking a manure fork. I ordered one and within one week (of using palms up labor to scoop the manure and bedding to the Shi*fter screen) my pain began to subside. It has been one month now and my arm, shoulder, neck, hand and elbow are not swollen and the pain is 95% gone. Yes, it makes stalls cleaner quicker and more efficiently but it makes me feel so much better. And yes it will pay for itself with the money saved in bedding cost. Put this testimonial on your web site. I would urge anyone to invest in a Stall Shi*fter and become a happier person with no pain and more time to ride. Sincerely Norma Province Vale, North Carolina

  • Well, it seems that we’ve inherited that wind for today. It is REALLY blowing outside!!! The Stall Shi*fter is working out well for us. We’re actually bedding our stalls deeper than we used to, and the horses seem to be very happy (as do the people that clean my stalls)! The stalls definitely get much cleaner with the Shifter and, though it hasn’t cut stall cleaning time in half, it does save some time. The best part, in my opinion, is that it’s much less back-breaking to clean the stalls now. I don’t clean them often myself, but I have used the Shifter and really do appreciate it!! Great device! Lisa

  • Thank you for sending the replacement motor/gearbox spline. This was exactly what I needed. It is funny that after using your stall shi*fter for the last couple of years that I felt so lost without it the 2 days I couldn’t use it! If this isn’t an endorsement, I don’t know what is. David

  • I just want you to know that after two months, your product is living up to every claim it makes about performance. We have a nine stall barn and use Equine Fresh for bedding. Each time we use the Stall Shi*fter, it does such a good job in cleaning the stalls that effectively, the horses are getting fresh bedding. The best aspect about your product is that it eliminates the manual labor of shaking the manure pick to separate the bedding from the waste. However, the other benefit you don’t promote is that you don’t have to “think” about the process any more (pick here, pick there, shake more, shake less). You just dump the bedding on the shifter and let it do the thinking for you. I know this sounds corny, but I actually enjoy cleaning the stalls. After doing it the “old fashioned” way for so long, I am still amazed at how this product improves the process and gives the horse a perfectly clean stall after each use. Way to go! You are a true American entrepreneur. Mike

  • We received the stall shi*ter device. Now, I am not much of a fan club type person, but I felt compelled to inform you that your product is one of the few to actually live up to its publicity. My wife and two other women do most of the cleaning of our nineteen stalls, and at this point I would be beat up if I tried to remove the stall shi*fter! Universal win.   The work is done faster, we are saving on shavings and we now have a manageable amount of waste to process into compost. Congratulations and thank you for a quality product. Jim

  • You are a genius,.  We love your machine! It has made stall cleaning sooo much easier. The horses love to watch it as well which is great for laughs, but also the bedding is so fluffed up after the cleaning that it makes it better for the horses. Great job and thank you Robert Ratcliff

  • I am happy to tell one and all about my experience with the Stall Shi*fter; rarely am I so enthusiastic about a machine, but this really did make a difference for me, and other than the barn itself, it is the first thing that I will replace. Feel free to post my comments wherever you wish. Cheers, Sheridan

  • I just wanted to say thank you so much for my stall shifter. I do not think I could run my farm without this machine. It really has paid for itself in that I can clean my 7-8 stalls every day by myself. Before I bought it two years ago, I was so burnt out and sick of cleaning every day. But now it’s so easy and efficient that stall cleaning is just something I do, not a chore. Once I created my “system” for cleaning with the shifter it has become a breeze.

    Thanks again!! Elizabeth Morosani in North Carolina
  • Dear Sir I would like to let you know how much I love my shifter. Once again I get true enjoyment from doing my chores. It is a pleasure to look at all the uniform stall. Love it ! The fact that it is made in the USA with such attention to detail. Love it ! I can’t say enough wonderful things about it. Thank you again for your great product Sincerely, Jacque

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