Brockwood Stall Shi*fter - Automatic Horse Stall Cleaning Machine

Making horse stall cleaning almost pleasurable since 1997

Stalls can be cleaned perfectly in about 4 minutes with a horse stall cleaning machine. The amazing Brockwood Stall Shi*fter® is an electrically operated horse stall cleaning machine. It does more than just clean horse stalls, it conditions them by completely sifting and aerating all the bedding and removing all the manure, even particles as small as a kernel of corn! Other mechanical and manual methods allow much larger pieces of manure to remain in the stall. That’s not good enough for discerning barn owners and managers.

The Stall Shi*fter is also used to sift the bedding of pens or stalls of other animals such as miniature horses & donkeys, llamas, alpacas, goats and exotic zoo animals like giraffes and zebras; it’s the most versatile horse stall cleaning system on the market. No other system matches the quality of the Stall Shi*fter’s construction and materials or the cleanliness of the stalls when finished.

You will save up to 50% on bedding costs and cut horse stall cleaning time and labor up to 65%. The more horse stalls you clean the quicker the Stall Shi*fter will pay for itself, and it will continue to repay your investment  many times over as years go by. Join over one thousand happy users now.

In addition to saving you thousands of dollars a year in bedding and labor expense, this horse stall cleaning system will make your stalls cleaner than you can possibly clean them with a fine tine manure fork using the manual horse stall cleaning method.

Do you suffer from manual horse stall cleaning induced tennis elbow? (some call it “manure elbow”) This is most commonly caused by the palms down labor of shaking a manure fork. When using a Stall Shi*fter as recommended the palms down labor is replaced with palms up labor, shoveling not shaking. Tennis elbow is not aggravated by palms up labor and typically abates after a week or two of shoveling not shaking. I speak from experience because I was suffering from very painful tennis elbow before I changed my horse stall cleaning method from manual to automatic using the Stall Shi*fter. They say necessity is the mother of invention and I can attest that in this case, it was true.

Read more about some of the benefits of owning a Brockwood Stall Shi*fter®.

Business hours:
Monday through Sunday
10:00AM – 9:00PM EDT



We have increased our price; however, due to a new contract with UPS for much lower shipping costs the total cost to the customer is about the same as before.

Stall Shi*fter Owner Testimonials

  • Dear Sir I would like to let you know how much I love my shifter. Once again I get true enjoyment from doing my chores. It is a pleasure to look at all the uniform stall. Love it ! The fact that it is made in the USA with such attention to detail. Love it ! I can’t say enough wonderful things about it. Thank you again for your great product Sincerely, Jacque

  • I just wanted to say thank you so much for my stall shifter. I do not think I could run my farm without this machine. It really has paid for itself in that I can clean my 7-8 stalls every day by myself. Before I bought it two years ago, I was so burnt out and sick of cleaning every day. But now it’s so easy and efficient that stall cleaning is just something I do, not a chore. Once I created my “system” for cleaning with the shifter it has become a breeze.

    Thanks again!! Elizabeth Morosani in North Carolina
  • I am happy to tell one and all about my experience with the Stall Shi*fter; rarely am I so enthusiastic about a machine, but this really did make a difference for me, and other than the barn itself, it is the first thing that I will replace. Feel free to post my comments wherever you wish. Cheers, Sheridan

  • You are a genius,.  We love your machine! It has made stall cleaning sooo much easier. The horses love to watch it as well which is great for laughs, but also the bedding is so fluffed up after the cleaning that it makes it better for the horses. Great job and thank you Robert Ratcliff

  • Thank you for sending the replacement motor/gearbox spline. This was exactly what I needed. It is funny that after using your stall shi*fter for the last couple of years that I felt so lost without it the 2 days I couldn’t use it! If this isn’t an endorsement, I don’t know what is. David

  • The stall shifter arrived tonight. We put it together in the living room while we watched tv and then wheeled it out to the barn and tried it on my worst stall. I LOVE it. It took us a minute to find the best spot to set it up since the stall is fairly uneven. But it worked great and my stall looks wonderful! Thank you so much Kristin

  • I just want to let you know, I am very happy with your stall shifter. If you need good word in French for your product, let me know Have a nice day, Stéphane Bégin President:

  • Got the stall shifter yesterday. Great packing job and easy to follow directions it took me about an hour to put together. But let me tell you something. My wife and I went back and forth on this thing because of the price but we should have bought it before we built the new barn. It not only saves time and shavings but it makes the stalls look great and I mean awsome. Everyone in my 26 stall barn is amazed. Thank you ever so much for making or life’s a whole lot easier. Thanks Again Tom &Linda Freeman Grand Paradise Ranch

  • Will love sharing my experience with others. I have always been a fastidious stall cleaner (suffice to say my stalls are cleaner than my kitchen) so did not expect significant savings except time but I am quite impressed by how nice the stalls look using the shifter. My husband will spend all day trying to find a mechanized way to do something that would take only a short time so he is also impressed. I wanted you to know that the boys easily adjusted to the stall shifter in the stall but of course I must keep it to one side. Best investment I have made in some time. Janet Hampstead, NH

  • The Stall Shi*fter is working really good, I love it. It was so easy to do my chores today. My girlfriend is coming over to look at it and hopefully you will get  another sale. My shavings worked out a lot better than I thought they would, very  few went into the bucket. Thanks again, Bonnie

  • Hello Mr. Hopkins, The Stall Shifter has arrived safe and sound. We used it for the first time – very cool! We were fighting over who gets to use it first! It appears that you spent a great deal of time and thought on it. I’m sure our stall cleaning-related aches and pains will cease to exist before long. Thanks again. I’ll be showing the Shifter to my friends… Best regards, Shari P.S. I’ve included a sample of my art. The Stall Shifter will be a great help in preventing stiffness in my hands so I can paint comfortably.

  • “We at Horses for a Change wanted to let you know how much we love our Brockwood Stall Shifter. It has saved us so much time and hard labor, we can't tell you. it's been especially wonderful for the crew that does night check because they don't have to do much picking up of stalls in the evening. We also wanted to thank you for your donation of a 10% discount, a value of $224.90on on our Shifter, which was delivered in October of 2018.”

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